Welcome to liquidskyn.com, on this site you will find my Free Tattoo Designs. They are highly detailed and unlike anything you will find on any other site. If you would like to purchase the 8x11 200 resolution image file and tattoo stencil or template, just go to my web store. Image and stencil, are in 200 resolution jpeg image format file. Sent to your email, no postage, no delivery charge. Just print it out on your printer. Allow up to 24 hours for order processing. If you find a design that is not my store yet, just email at beastiesmovie@hotmail.com and I will try to make it available within 24 hours.

Always check back to see all of the new designs added.  So if you want to use it for any other purpose other than tattoos please contact me for permission. Check out our new color tattoo section, more added daily.  In our user Gallery you can submit your own designs as well. 

A new photo gallery has been added where you can upload photos of your tattoo or of others, they can be designs from Liquidskyn.com  or elsewhere.  Take advantage of the rotate, crop, resize, and recolor features to cut down on the time and programs needed to put photos online. You can even add music, creating slide shows with your favorite tunes playing in the background. Add in photo captioning and the ability to order your albums and put them into categories, and easily reorder your pictures at any point.  Our forum has been reopened so feel free to use many features on our site.  Just join as a member to access all features.





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